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Zirconia-rich fused-cast refractory
Zirconia segmented
Zirconia dendrites
DVC of cellular material
Exported boundary conditions
Digital based FE model
Volume render of fibrous material
Orientation analysis of porosity

Through our partners, we have access to state-of-the-art laboratory scanners and synchrotron-based tomography imaging from the nano to the macro scale, equipped with a range of in situ rigs to capture dynamic processes in service or during manufacturing processes. We advise you on the best imaging platform and offer a full, fast scientific analysis (sample preparation, 4D scanning, data storage, data processing, technical report).

Our privileged partners include:









We go beyond your imagination to decipher a material's hidden microstructure and properties:

  • Visualisation and quantification of internal features (defects, porosity, phase distribution, connectivity, orientation, etc.)

  • Development of new image processing algorithms for more complex materials 

  • Investigation of failure mechanisms using Digital Volume Correlation from in situ experiment

  • Development of digital-based microstructure models to optimise in-service performance and guide manufacturing processes


Read about our recent case study with SOLEIL:

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