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Our team is constantly pushing the limits of technology to produce state of the art solutions for our customers. A major part of our time is used to develop new 4D experimental and numerical tools for capturing and quantifying complex and short-lived phenomena.   

Experimental development :

In collaboration with SOLEIL synchrotron and Centre des Matériaux Mines ParisTech, we have been developing a new high temperature furnace (~1450 °C) to push back the boundaries of traditional 3D imaging in favor of a new kind of multimodal imaging in which the PSICHE beamline achieves particularly high performances, and in which we will combine high resolution tomography and X-ray diffraction in situ. Please contact us if you want more information and/or are interested by a proof-of-concept study.


With Jean-Paul Itié and Andy King at the Psyché beamline (SOLEIL)


Sylvain Gailliegue, at Centre des Matériaux Mines ParisTech, who developed the furnace


Courtesy of Dr Gianluca Tozzi, University of Portsmouth


Software development :

In collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific and EikoSim we developed a new Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) extension for Amira-Avizo software to accurately quantify deformation-induced microstructural changes captured during 4D imaging. 


More details and case studies can be found here.

We run regular two-day training courses on Digital Volume Correlation using the Amira-Avizo software for DVC. It's a great opportunity to learn about this powerful contactless, bulk strain measurement technique.  

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