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X-ray computed tomography is a powerful non-destructive analysis technique, adopted by academics and various companies to reveal internal structures of a large variety of objects. Driven by the technological and computational progress, the technique is continuously growing. Yet, a lot remains to be done to solve all the technical problems when more constraints are put on the technique (large data, dynamic processes, coupling with other imaging modality).


With established expertise in 4D time-resolved laboratory and synchrotron computed tomography, we provide advanced, custom-built training in 3D and 4D imaging to academics and companies willing to take the lead in their research and business. Thanks to our unique partnership with the key players in 3D imaging (in France and the UK), our services to companies include 3D/4D microstructure visualisation and full quantification of any material under different conditions using state-of-the-art high resolution CT facility and imaging/modelling software.


If you have a question that requires an expert answer or if you would like to develop a solution adapted to your needs, we would love to hear it and we will assist you.

Our integrated worksflow solution

Imaging. Quantifying. Testing. Modeling


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