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Dr Loic Courtois








Loic Courtois is the co-founder of 3Dmagination. Trained engineer from INSA Lyon in “Materials Science and Engineering”, Loic was introduced in 2008 to the world of Xray tomography and 3D imaging during a 1 year Masters internship under the supervision of Dr. Eric Maire (MATEIS, INSA Lyon) and in collaboration with the CREE research centre of Saint-Gobain. Since then, through a PhD and further post-doctoral positions, he has applied his knowledge of 3D imaging, quantification and simulation to research areas such as porous metals, geoscience, metallurgy and bio-materials.


Over the past few years, he has been a STEM ambassador in Oxfordshire and has been volunteering at outreach activities for primary and secondary schools. He recently developed an “optical-light tomography system” to demonstrate to people of all ages the principle of Computed Tomography using only Lego® bricks and a webcam. This was used as a masterclass activity at the Royal Institution of Great Britain.


A keen outdoors enthusiast, he can often be found backcountry skiing, trail-running, kite-surfing, sailing or climbing a mountain. Over the past few years, he has competed in several half-ironman distance triathlons. The discipline necessary for training for long distance, endurance, events has given him a focus that has extended to his work life.


Through the creation of 3Dmagination, he hopes to share his passion for the wide world of 3D imaging and push the boundaries for both innovation and education.


Selected publications:


L. Courtois, E. Maire, M. Perez, D. Rodney, O. Bouaziz and Y. Brechet, “Mechanical Properties of Monofilament Entangled Materials” Adv. Eng.Mater. doi:10.1002/adem.20110035, (2012)


Q. Lin, S.J. Neethling, K.J. Dobson, L. Courtois, P.D. Lee, "Quantifying and minimising systematic and random errors in X-ray micro-tomography based volume measurements", Computers and Geosciences, Volume 77, Pages 1–7, 2015


M.J. Pankhurst, K.J. Dobson, D.J. Morgan, S.C. Loughlin, Th. Thordarson, P.D. Lee and L. Courtois, “Monitoring the Magmas Fuelling Volcanic Eruptions in Near-real-time Using X-ray Micro-computed Tomography”, Journal of Petrology, Volume 55, Issue 3, Pages 671-684, 2014


F. Bouville, E. Portuguez, Y. Chang, G. L. Messing, A. J. Stevenson, E. Maire, L. Courtois, S. Deville, “Templated grain growth in macroporous materials”, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Volune 97, Issue 6, 1736–1742, Pages (2014)


L. Zhang, J. Ferreira, S. Olhero, L. Courtois, T. Zhang, E. Maire, J.C. Rauhe, “Modeling the mechanical properties of optimally processed cordierite–mullite–alumina ceramic foams by X-ray computed tomography and finite element analysis”,  Acta Materialia, 3 Volume 60, Issue 10, Pages 4235-4246, ISSN 1359-6454, (2012)

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