3Dmagination: New Training Course at the Centre for Updating the Knowledge and Study of Industrial M

3Dmagination has developed a new 4-day training course in the field of industrial tomography at the CACEMI-CNAM in Paris. The training will take place on November, 7-10 (2016).

The Centre d’actualisation des connaissances et d'études des matériaux industriels (Centre for Updating the Knowledge and Study of Industrial Materials: http://cacemi-en.cnam.fr/) provides professional training in metallurgy, plastics engineering, ceramics, composites and industry-related trades:

X-ray computed tomography offers significant potential for real-time metrological inspection and in situ mechanical characterisation. This training course is addressed to production and R&D technicians/engineers willing to understand the process of industrial inspection, materials design and reverse-engineering. The programme will include:

-Principle of X-ray computed tomography, noise/artefacts, and practical guide for good imaging

-Understand the constraints put on the technique when performing in situ mechanical experiments

-Dimensional metrology with advanced measurement

-Inspection workflows for detection and quantification of porosity, defects, density variations and cracks

-Actual/nominal comparison by integrating CAD models

-Easy creation and customization of automated workflows to integrate in a new production

-Digital Volume Correlation (DVC): principle, importance of noise and texture

-Perform DVC computations to investigate deformation and failure mechanisms, and use the results as input for micro-finite element models (micro-FE)

-Autonomous hands-on practical in interactive mode based on various industrial applications (molding/casting, additive manufacturing). Attendees are welcome to bring their own dataset.

The training is composed of a theoretical part (1/4) followed by computer-based studies (3/4) in a unique platform integrating visualisation, quantification and metrology (Avizo Inspect).

More details can be found in: http://cacemi.cnam.fr/caracterisation-in-situ-et-metrologie-industrielle-par-tomographie-aux-rayons-x-797423.kjsp?RH=1302858504527.

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