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Second annual workshop on Advances in X-ray Imaging: Expanding the Frontiers of Knowledge

Following 2016's success, the University of Manchester, Diamond Light Source, CCPi (the Collaborative Computational Project in Tomographic Imaging) and 3dmagination Ltd host their second annual workshop on June 12-13th.

On the day before the workshop, a fringe meeting involving the speakers took place at the Atlas Visualisation Facility (AVF). We had a rich discussion of our experiences working in the field of 3D imaging and we raised some important questions on the challenges we are facing.

Fringe meeting on 12 June 2017 at the AVF prior the workshop

During the workshop, a panel of experts from different fields illustrated the current achievements and future development in techniques such as correlated tomography (Dr Tim Burnett), ptychography (Dr Darren Batey), fast imaging (Dr Margie Olbinado, Dr David Eastwood), CT/additive manufacturing (Pr Asa Barber), tomography/diffraction (Dr Andy King), and neutron imaging (Dr Joe Kelleher).

The workshop took place at the Diamond Atrium on 13 June 2017

Poster prizes were provided by 3Dmagination to encourage students and researchers to present their recent work and new results. Poster prizes were given to the 1st and two 2nd best posters:

1st awarded poster prize: Stephen Price (PDRA developing 3D imaging in situ of catalyst particles on I18)

2nd awarded poster prize: Marie-Christine Zdora (PhD student working on X-ray phase contrast imaging on I13)

2nd awarded poster prize: Mathew Veale (detector development scientists at STFC)

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